Monday, July 19, 2010

know when to fold 'em?

first, i may never stop blogging. i don't mean in perpetuity. i mean today. it's been since college that i've written this much. it's blissful.

second, i wish i were typing in comic sans right now. "sorry i forgot about u this weekend"...that's what the text message said. all i could do was laugh. i think all my relationships could be reduced to that phrase, minus the "this weekend" part, which could be interchangeable with other timeframes, like "last night" or "this year" or most holidays.

thankfully, i no longer care that the above texter forgets me. i stopped caring a few years ago. he's an old fling. we're friends. sometimes we kiss, but they are hackneyed kisses. can kisses be hackneyed? i think so. anyhow, whatever heat once existed between us is now barely lukewarm. the last time we saw each other we didn't even bother. that makes me laugh, too.

what i have with texter is what most men want from me: they want me not to care. or they want me to act like i don't care? or they just don't care, period? i can't tell, bc the lines they draw leave me cocking my head this way and that way. you know, the way you look at a kindergartner's drawing, trying to decide if it's a penis with eyeballs, or a rocket. truth is, both the kindergartner and the man are drawing penises with eyeballs. difference being, if you ask them to explain, one says it's a map of confusion, the other says it's a rocket. neither will get you anywhere.

men are the worst invention ever, and i'll be damned if i don't love every bad thing about them. i've known many of 'em, and all i know is this: men are like sun exposure...most barely leave a mark, a few turn you pink, and one or two burn the hell out of you. i started wearing sunblock this summer.

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