Tuesday, July 27, 2010

tiny magic.

things i like . . .
  • coffee. i go to bed looking forward to that first cup, when my house is still morning-quiet.
  • "the lion sleeps tonight." it's on my itunes right now. my dad would sing it as he walked from room to room in our old house, the one i grew up in.
  • when joker comes to my desk chair and puts his head in my lap, and it makes me feel like he's saying, "thank you for keeping me."
  • right now, swaying in my chair along with townes van zandt and emmylou harris singing "if i needed you." i think i'll press repeat.
  • when a man i like carries me. it's a perfect moment, no matter what.
  • the long drives ellen and i used to take when i first moved here, when everything was new and nothing was old.
  • the way jessi closes her eyes and turns her head and crunches her shoulders when she's laughing. that's when i know it's really, really funny.
  • listening to erin's off-the-cuff hillbilly-isms that are funnier than anything heehaw ever dreamed up, and especially imagining the look on someone's face after they've crossed her, and the way she always knows exactly what to say to me, more than anyone else in the world.
  • cupcakes. they make me little-kid excited.
  • grass. the kind next to bodies of water or in big fields or pretty yards.
. . . off to work now. i think. hopefully i can catch hold of my sugar-rush little brain and hold it still long enough.

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