Tuesday, October 5, 2010

what it is[n't].

things that don't sound okay, but are.

  1. being sick of yourself. you get sick of other people you like, so why can't you be sick of yourself? i hear of solutions to stop being sick of yourself. but solutions are for problem-solvers, and i hate math. i'd rather make art of it.
  2. being jaded. it just means you've had a big 'ol handful of life experience, and a bunch of it has showed you just how ultimately self-serving people are, and that the best way to avoid disappointment is to dole out trust as if it were literally pieces of your godawful squishy heart. webster's uses the word "surfeit" in the definition of jaded. i like that. it sounds shakespearian.
  3. being angry when you can't be hopeful. sometimes hope gets stuck in your craw, probably somewhere behind all the bullshit you swallow on a daily basis. so until the hope can crawl up out of that mess, it's ok to be salty. in fact, it'll probably get you a few dates. everyone loves a challenge.
  4. being impractical. the world needs dreamers and wishers. even the ones who are occasionally (or often) mired in dead ends and disappointments that tend to accompany their heart-over-head decisions. i hear they write about it, and save the problem-solving for someone else.

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