Wednesday, December 25, 2013


grow where you're planted. 

you are a new seed. despite your years.

grow, they say. here. where you are. now. 

reach up and up. stretch over there. now over that way. 

face the sun. arms open: take what's yours: the moment.

grow here and now. all the tomorrows will thank you. (believe that, against your will if you must.)

if you must, climb the nearest mountain and scream MORE!

and let anyone resent you for it.

cry if you must.

let them not understand. or misunderstand. or tire of you if they must.


until you're hoarse. 

descend the mountain: all is not the same. even though it seems so.

prune yourself, you weed! it's up to you. 

pluck away the withered days. the weight.

let things fall away, too. keepsakes? not for your sake.

put aside a few shes and hes and thems. if you'll be still, the choice will choose itself.

don't forget: you're growing! here. now.

down and down and beyond, your roots will explore the earth where it's cool and damp. 

your roots know the way: listen.

don't forget: the sun. yours for the taking. 

grow, planted seed. be the miracle you are.

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